January 2, 2022

So it's 2022 and we're living in the future! Does that make sense? No, of course not, but neither do all the sci-fi books about time travel because it really can't happen. If you go back in time, you will keep getting younger until you no longer exist, and if you move forward you will age yourself right into the graveyard, so think about that! But don't think too much because that's why we call it "fiction" and who knows, I could be wrong - after all, I did not study time travel in school. I mostly daydreamed and looked out the window.  

Anyway, a new book has been completed and it will hopefully be available soon.  Check back for more details!


Suzy Spitfire and the Snake Eyes of Venus continues to receive great reviews. You can read lots of them right here. You can also order a copy, too. Thanks to everybody who's read the book!

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The ebook version of MAGNO GIRL is still unavailable on Amazon. This is because Amazon's computer suddenly decided that "Magno Girl" and "Magno Girl and the Beast of Brooklyn" are the same book, which is totally untrue. They are two completely different stories.


Unfortunately, multiple emails and phone calls have failed to resolve this problem.  While we're waiting for someone to figure out the obvious (which seems unlikely at this point), you can still buy the ebook everywhere else. 

Incidentally, the paperback version of Magno Girl is still available on Amazon.