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December 15, 2022

Are you on Instagram? If you are, check out this amazing REEL from an amazing book blog called BearyIntoBooks. Thank you, Rebecca!

Rune and Flash won a SILVER MEDAL in the 2022 Global Book Awards for  "Science Fiction - Dystopian."

The book was also a #1 Amazon best seller in the "Science Fiction and Fantasy Art" cateogory. Get your copy today!  

So, what's it about? Here's the short version:

Far in the future, 16-year-old dream programmer Rune Roko falls in love with a violent young girl sentenced to 1,000 nightmares inside the Dream Prison. 

This is a sci-fi "Romeo and Juliet," only the girl is named Markla Flash. So that's where the title comes from.  If you need more action, adventure, and romance in your life, check it out today! - ebook ($2.99), paperback ($9.99) - ebook ($2.99), paperback ($13.99) - ebook ($2.99) - ebook ($2.99)

Kobo - ebook ($2.99) 

Google Play - ebook ($2.99)

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