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Joe Canzano is a writer and musician from New Jersey, U.S.A. He's recorded five CDs of original rock and roll music with four different bands. He currently plays guitar and sings/screams in the band Happy Joe. You can listen to the music on the music page. If you care what the media has to say, you can check out a special page for that, too. But since you might not check, here's one of the better comments:

"Joe Canzano is one of those rare artists that can energize the most blasé audiences... Usually armed with just an acoustic guitar, his songs of fallen dreams, faith, hope, and the ups and downs of life will stick in your head for a long time to come." 

Joe is also an author of comic fantasy and science fiction. He's written five novels, including his latest book "Rune and Flash: Inside the Dream Prison."  All the books are available in digital and paperback formats - and one is also available in audio! You can get the full descriptions here.

Joe also owns a banana farm in New Brunswick, N.J. If you want a banana, don't just sit there, CLICK! CLICK! CLICK!


Did you just click on that? Man, are you dumb. Joe does not actually own a banana farm. But he does eat a banana almost every day, and he is bursting with vitamin K.

To receive the latest news about books, giveaways, and special offers, subscribe to Joe's Newsletter. It has little direction or focus, but that's how it is around here.

CLICK HERE to contact Joe.

NOTE: If you're selling something, don't bother. He's got just about everything he wants - and the stuff he doesn't have, you can't give him.

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