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Rune and Flash


When 16-year-old Markla Flash is convicted of murder and sentenced to 1,000 nightmares inside the Dream Prison, her friend Rune vows to help—but he quickly finds himself pitted against the police, and his parents, and a gang of murdering “subversives,” as well as the keepers of a society where artificially created dreams are used for both punishment and pleasure.


“Rune and Flash” is an action-filled science fiction adventure about the power of truth, technology, and love. 

Category Finalist for Science Fiction in the Eric Hoffer 2023 book awards competition. 

Category Finalist for Science Fiction in the National Indie Excellence Awards competition.

Winner of a Silver Medal in the 2022 Global Book Awards ("Science Fiction-Dystopian").

#1 seller on Amazon in "Science Fiction and Fantasy Art." - ebook ($2.99), paperback ($9.99) - ebook ($2.99), paperback ($13.99) - ebook ($2.99) - ebook ($2.99)

Kobo - ebook ($2.99) 

Google Play - ebook (2.99)


"Canzano’s propulsive writing unleashes a wildly imaginative sci-fi adventure... Fans of dystopian fiction will not want to miss this one."

-U.S. Review of Books


Joe Canzano creates an avid fantasy centered on evolving truths about groups, individuals, and this future society… Any young adult who has harbored the notion of feeling alien in the world will readily relate to Markla and Rune's discoveries and struggles."

--Midwest Book Review



"Joe Canzano’s Rune and Flash: Inside the Dream Prison is a riveting dystopian thriller with an inherent sense of adventure… With an inventive story-line, a detailed world and captivating characters, this is a science fiction story that is fun to visualize and immensely entertaining to read."

--Literary Titan

"A wild, intriguing, fantastic, and a crazy concept!…I must mention that I finished it at 2:30am when I have to rush to work early tomorrow morning. But the book is ADDICTIVE!”



“This was lme mind blowing read! I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOOOVED the original plot! And how creative the author was! It was so hard to put down this book! I enjoyed every second I was immersed in it.”




"Rune and Flash is the first book I have read by Joe Canzano, and if you are a fan of sci-fi novels then you're not going to want to miss out on this book… I'm rating this book 4.5 out of 5 stars."

-Bunny’s Reviews



"To say this book shocked me is an understatement. It gripped me immediately with its fast-paced action, and its gritty and gory details....The author Joe Canzano has written a thrilling Sci-fi adventure with well-developed characters."



"I LOVE the premise of this novel. It is both terrifying and mesmerizing to think of a world where dreams and nightmares could be used this way. Joe Canzano immerses the reader into this world. It all feels so real and it was easy to get lost in this story. I almost read it in one sitting but I couldn’t stay awake as late as I wanted to!"

--Jessica Belmont Reviews



"This book was incredibly unique, so well written, and I loved it. It’s like the creepiest episode of Black Mirror mixed with your worst nightmare and imagine it doesn’t end. It was GREAT! It is full of non stop action, thrills and chills, and edge of your seat moments."




"I really enjoyed this dystopian thriller and was immersed in the unique world."


Besides the unique premise, the author manages to write an action-packed, descriptive story that gets you hooked right from the start.”



"…if you want to read a very original YA story, with a little romance, action-adventure packed, this has to be in your TBR.”



“I couldn’t put it down and I loved how fast-paced it was and how easy to read. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a good sci-fi read!”


“Overall, even if you are unsure about the sci-fi genre, I suggest you give this a go. The novel flows quite well, and the narrative is fantastic. I’m eager to read more of this author’s writing.”



“Definitely give this one a try my book friends!”



“From the very first page, I was sucked into this book and it held me until the very end.”



“This was a fast paced read that I literally read in one day because I was so hooked. “


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