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"Joe Canzano is one of those rare artists that can energize the most blasé audiences... Usually armed with just an acoustic guitar, his songs of fallen dreams, faith, hope, and the ups and downs of life will stick in your head for a long time to come."
—, Big Mouth


"I've followed Joe Canzano's career for almost ten years now, and this is not only his best album, it's one of the most entertaining albums I've heard this year."
—Lazlo at, Big Mouth


"The songs are short and incisive, full of social commentary, humour, and commercial sensibility."
—, Big Mouth


"Fans of The Clash and Violent Femmes will dig Joe Canzano's new band, Kiss The Planet Blue. The trio's ragged, tongue-in-cheek rock is not afraid to reference classic rockers like Paul Simon and Bob Dylan, yet it maintains an edge that modern-rock enthusiasts will enjoy."
—The Courier News, Kiss The Planet Blue


"You just have to love the guy's energy and guitar hooks... The material revolves around Joe's guitar rock attack and talking/shouting vocal style that sounds so organically cool."
—The Aquarian Weekly, Kiss The Planet Blue


"Joe Canzano, a local singer-songwriter whose own songs fit the description of witty and gritty."
—The Home News Tribune, Kiss The Planet Blue


"This bar room poet offers a refreshing change of pace—uptempo, guitar strummin' folk and rock that you can't help but tap your feet to. Joe is obviously a guy with relationship troubles whose sense of humor and irony all mesh to create well crafted songs."
—Jersey Beat, Guitars, Stars, and Candy Bars


"This rowdy fare is as rootsy as it is inspired by punk. But best of all, it's brimming with humor."
—The Courier News, Guitars, Stars, and Candy Bars


"Canzano and The Rhythmic Revolution are most inclined to play upbeat rock n' roll with a funky edge. While their music is not intended to split the rock n' roll atom, it's catchy and fun and people like it."
—East Coast Rocker, Guitars, Stars, and Candy Bars


"It's easy to get caught up in the guitar riffs and catchy beats but you'd be missing out if you didn't pay some attention to Canzano's lyrics."
—SLAMM Magazine, Armed And Amplified


"The rock n' roll they play is straightforward, to be sure, but it goes beyond being plain fast n' loud. Canzano adds touches like Zappaeque phrasing and a Lou Reed feeling to some of the lyrics and arrangements, reflecting two influences from the artier end of the 70s musical spectrum..."
—Consumable Online, Armed And Amplified


"Canzano's guitar playing and lyrics are compelling and strong ala Tom Petty and Graham Parker."
—The Courier News, Armed And Amplified


"Elements of reggae and funk are combined with your basic guitar-driven rock n' roll to create a catchy, amiable, uptempo sound which rides a smoothly chugging groove to complete kicked-back aural nirvana." 
—Jersey Beat, Armed And Amplified


"This is a record you need to play for all your rock n' roll friends who need to know what a well crafted song is all about."
—Fast Folk Musical Magazine, Riot On Spaghetti Drive


"Clever lyrics, humor, and a wonderful sense of irony... One of New Jersey's more intriguing songrwriters."
—The Splatter Effect, Riot On Spaghetti Drive

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