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One short story, one novel, and one crazy cast of characters!

Both stories are available in all the formats you love.

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joe canzano and happy joe

HAPPY JOE SHOW- Happy Joe's song "Top Of The World" has been chosen as one of Cafe Improv's "Best Performances of 2014". This is the second time a Happy Joe performance has been selected, so big thanks to everyone at Cafe Improv! Watch the video here.

HAPPY JOE T-SHIRTS are available RIGHT HERE in the new Happy Joe store. Yes, you can can become a stylish, walking advertisement - but you've done it before for people who love you a lot less! I'm looking at all of you wearing that stuff from Michael Kors!

NOTHING ELSE TO SAY - There was supposed to be another advertisement here, but I couldn't think of anything! Hey, did you hear about that amazing new novel "Magno Girl"? Come to think of it, you can also get Magno Girl merchandise RIGHT HERE at the new Happy Joe Store.

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